Female henna tattoos artist drawing design on female teacher

In the serene ambiance of Ortiz Middle School, the wellness team orchestrated an extraordinary event dubbed SpaTACULAR Day on the heartwarming date of February 14th. As the school day drew to a close, a well-deserved oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation awaited the dedicated staff of Ortiz Middle. This thoughtful initiative was not just an ordinary break but a profound gesture of appreciation and care towards the educators who shape the future.

SpaTACULAR Day unfolded a variety of activities meticulously designed to cater to the well-being of the staff. The offerings were a blend of relaxation and joy: massages that eased the tensions of everyday challenges, donut glaze facials that promised a sweet escape, henna tattoos that adorned with beautiful designs, yoga sessions that connected body and mind, mindful coloring that painted a canvas of peace, bingo games filled with laughter, and dance fit exercises that invigorated the spirit.

The responses from the teachers were a testament to the day's impact. One educator shared, "It was all amazing and awesome. Provided much-needed relaxation, and allowed everyone to come together for a bit and just talk." This sentiment echoed the collective feeling of gratitude and the importance of taking a moment to unwind and connect with colleagues on a personal level.

Another teacher highlighted the significance of building relationships within the school, "Overall, it was nice to sit and relax with everyone instead of being under pressure to get stuff done. Building relationships in the building will make the work easier and more enjoyable to do in the long run." This insight underscores the value of fostering a supportive and connected school community.

The massage sessions, in particular, were a favorite among the staff. "The massage and the message that we deserve the afternoon!" remarked another teacher, emphasizing the recognition of their hard work and dedication. The fitness classes also received high praise, with one teacher expressing a wish to incorporate such activities into their daily routine, "I liked doing the fitness classes right after work... I wish I could do that every day." 

A special shoutout is due to Namaste Eyebrows and Lindsey Saunders, whose generous contributions of time and expertise in henna tattoos and facials, respectively, significantly enhanced the SpaTACULAR experience. Their support not only brought smiles and relaxation to the staff but also demonstrated the community's appreciation for the educators at Ortiz Middle.

SpaTACULAR Day at Ortiz Middle School was more than just an afternoon of relaxation; it was a celebration of the hardworking staff, a moment to recharge, and a reminder of the strength found in unity and mutual support. As the school continues to navigate the challenges of education, events like SpaTACULAR Day serve as a beacon of light, illuminating the path towards a more connected and rejuvenated educational community.